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The Self Storage Leader in Paterson and Fairlawn New Jersey, Shield Storage is the leading independently owned Self Storage Provider (SSP) in Paterson, New Jersey serving businesses, consumers and homeowners throughout Northern New Jersey.

Whether it's helping a growing contractor stockpile a shipment of supplies and equipment, a new homebuyer store excess furniture before a long awaited move or an Ebay entrepreneur warehouse his merchandise before auctioning it online, our team of professionals at Shield Self Storage understands your diverse storage needs.

Business Storage

Serving Companies and Growing Businesses
Businessman in Warehouse space
Need to clean and organize your office? 
Need more space in your warehouse?
It’s time to simplify your business.

We store your world. ™
  • Long term fenced parking available for trucks or other vehicles
  • Commercial inside loading dock accepts tractor trailers
  • Fed Ex packages, UPS shipments and pallets accepted & stored on your behalf
  • Utilize our fax machine & other business center services
  • Increase profits, rent only the space you need
  • Office suites, conference room and Internet access available

Home Self Storage

New State of the Art Storage Facility
Businessman in Warehouse space
Need a temporary “home” to store furniture and household items while moving?
Store sporting goods and seasonal items
Need an extra closet for your excess stuff?
It’s time to simplify your home.

We store your world. ™
  • Clean and new storage
  • Climate controlled
  • Computerized surveillance 24/7
  • Individual alarms on each storage unit
  • Electronic access
  • Coded entry for facility access
  • All ground level storage units – no stairs to climb or elevators to maneuver
  • Fenced in parking for loading and unloading

Life Self Storage

Better Service ... Making it Easy for You
Retiring Couple
Need a little more space in your life?
Need a place to store your memories?
It’s time to simplify your life
It’s time to simplify your home.

We store your world. ™
  • Complimentary moving truck at your service
  • Enclosed loading dock for easy all weather loading and unloading
  • Open seven days a week
  • Moving and packing supplies including boxes, tape and bubble wrap available for one stop shopping
  • Month to month or long-term rentals available
  • Onsite storage professional to help you

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